Crescina’s Re-Growth HFSC 1300 Shampoo


Aren’t we all just tired of stressing out about those precious strands of hair that we find in our bathtubs and hairbrushes? The harsh weather of the country combined with the chemically treated tap water causes hair loss to come in all shapes and sizes, amongst both men and women.

Crescina’s Re-Growth HFSC 1300 Shampoo which is available for both men and women helps in fighting against the root causes of hair thinning. Developed by one of the leading Swiss based research cosmetic centres, Labo Cosprophar Suisse, has been successful in formulating one of the most effective hair re-growth shampoos available in the market.

Apart from the Swiss patented formula of the shampoo, which contains active ingredients including Cystine, Lysine and Glycoprotein that help in stimulating natural hair growth, other ingredients of the shampoo such as Hydrolyzed Keratin Protein, enables in replacing the missing and damaged keratin in your hair.

The Propylene Glycol, a non-carcinogenic and non-toxic chemical substance that has humectant effect to retain the moisture in your hair and the Hydrolyzed Rice Protein’s property to bind with oils essentially makes the shampoo safe for even an allergy-prone and sensitive scalp.

Overall, the unique formulation of the shampoo and its hair re-growth technique works well for both men and women alike.

Crescina is available from leading pharmacies across the UAE, including Bin Sina from AED 179 (men) to AED 199 (women).

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