L’Oréal Paris Elvive Keratin Straight 72 hour range


Arab women are always looking for a solution to give them healthy, straight hair that they want. They will go to any length, even risking the health of their hair to get the smooth, silky hair they so desire. Inevitably, the frizzy hair comes back for a number of reasons! Hair porosity can be aggravated by harsh water. Styling tools and chemicals can cause damage. Frizziness can simply also result from the humid, hot weather in our region.

Now, L’Oréal Paris laboratories come up with a healthy, straightening haircare range that could be the answer to every Arab woman’s dream! Elvive Keratin Straight 72H has the power of double action technology, with smoothing Micro-keratin and deeply nutritive Black Cumin oil. These ingredients fill each strand and polish the hair surface while vitalizing the hair fiber, making it stronger, healthier and damage-proof against heat, humidity and styling tools.

Micro-keratin is the ultimate straightening technology that smoothen every strand. Hair stays perfectly manageable, with no frizzy rebound. Black Cumin oil from Nigella Sativa or black seed is a star ingredient, sourced locally and used for thousands of years, as far back as the ancient Egyptians. Use the Elvive Keratin Straight 72H range of Shampoo, Conditioner, Oil replacement and serum together for the best results. The instant difference is hair that’s healthy straight. Supple and shiny and full of life, the smoothness and protection lasts up to 72 hours, no matter what the weather conditions are!

Who knows this better than Ola El Fares, journalist and L’Oréal Paris brand ambassador! Ola says: “I’ve discovered a fabulous way to get healthy, beautiful straight hair that stays that way for three whole days with the new Elvive Keratin Straight by L’Oréal Paris ELVIVE. It could be hot or humid, I might be using styling tools, but my hair remains perfectly straight, smooth and protected.”

When you change to Elvive, you change your hair!


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