Burger Joint New York – Al Safa, Dubai


Burger joint is a very famous restaurant chain in New York and they have spread their business in Dubai. I am not that big burger lover, but I can eat it if it is made with perfect filling and sauces. Pictures on Zomato and location of the place made me more excited to try this place out, and then i tried this place finally with high expectations, and was not even disappointed.

The location is just perfect as it is just beside the main road. Apart from that, the ambiance is very unique as the patrons can scribble on the walls, tables and stairs. That is a different thing all together. I liked the menu, its small, simple and specific with some burger options and sides and drinks to go for. I loved the rough look of the menu which is hand written. Service is also prompt and staff is generous

LOTUS MILKSHAKE lotus has taken it over; in almost everything you get this flavor. I tried lotus cheese cake and this was time for lotus milk shake. It came in huge bottle and I was really sure with the taste that I will be tasty. Thick, creamy and delicious, perfect I would say. But very filling I must say. Only one lotus milkshake is enough to make you heavy and filled. Very delicious and must try for milkshake lovers

TROPICAL COOLER WITH BLACKBERRY & CINNAMON if you are looking for light refreshing drink in this summer of Dubai, you must go for this one. It has perfect blend of blackberries and cinnamon, where you have hind of sourness of lemon too. They also serve it in a very cute looking jar and the quantity is also perfect for single person. Refreshing and tasty, great in this summer to beat the heat

SOUTHWEST CHICKEN BURGER this is a different preparation of the burger then the regular ones, the chicken was cooked perfectly and has strong charcoal flavor. The bun is small but the chicken in between is good in quantity. I loved the minimal filling of only tomato and some white sauce. The bun is very light and soft, also you have cheese loaded inside. The only thing is they didn’t serve us hot

HOMEMADE CHOCOLATE BROWNIE WITH ICE CREAM they have only this dessert to tackle your taste buds for sweets. This is warm brownie served with a scoop of ice cream on top. The brownie was soft but the upper part was semi crust, just like the way brownie should be and the ice cream scoop on top gave a pure sin flavor to dessert. This is a very common dessert but they serve good quality and quantity

Final Verdict – The most I liked about this place is the ambiance, and the location. When I was in the restaurant, some birthday party was going on; this place is perfect for such celebrations.

burger joint new york Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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