No time for exercise – Try this !


In this busy lifestyle it is very difficult to take out time for workout, also we are mostly dependent on restaurants, and cooking less at home, that leads to overweight and many other diseases. but with some of below tricks daily we can achieve at least fit and active body.

Ditch that lift – Yeah, now a days we look for an apartment that has lift mandatory, in every mall escalator made everything so easy. Try and ditch the lift and take stairs instead. Everyday climbing up to at least 5 floors will be good number to count

The golden five minutes – If you are very pack in your schedule, try and take out just 5 minutes after you are back home and set everyday activity, like push ups, crunches or running. This will give you real good results, don’t be lazy today just start it

Avoid eating heavy after 7 pm– this is very important that before you sleep you should not eat heavy meal at least 4 hours before your sleeping time. If you are really hungry you can have light snacks like roasted nuts, fresh salad, cut fruits or milk

Take walk breaks – if you have 9-6 seating job then you should manage your time by not sitting mostly in the office chair, take breaks in every 2 hours and walk for at least 5 minutes. Give rest to your eyes as well, this will restore energy in you.

Don’t skip meal – this is a very important rule if you want to keep yourself fit and healthy, do not skip any of your meal, breakfast, lunch & dinner. Divide three meals into 6 parts and have during day, do not starve. keep yourself filled and hydrated

Choose your food wisely – no time for lunch, because you are running late for your important meeting? do not jump on junk food, try and have healthy meal like juice, fresh cut fruits, flavored yogurt or roasted nuts.

At least 8 hours sleep – it is very important to keep basic routine in line. Minimum 6 to 8 hours sleep is required for your body. mental and physical rest is very important if you want to keep your self fit. So take good night sleep every night.

Weekend workout – whole weekday is very hectic to take out time for workout, so use your weekend wisely by taking out an hour or so for workout. this will show you good results, but with this,stick to clean and healthy diet entire week.

Salty food No No – too much hungry? a big packet of chips or nachos can be the best option to get rid of hunger, but can be very bad for your body. Chips or such packaged food contains too much quantity of salt, which can be very harmful for body, avoid.

Always remember if you really want to achieve good results for yourself, show some aggressive passion for it, its your body after all.



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