Eating Healthy – Basic Routine


The biggest task of working woman now a days is to manage her personal and professional life, in this busy schedule some times its difficult to find time to cook and eat at home, and they depend on restaurants to eat. This routine gives bad impact on body and skin, but with small addition and changes in our diet, we can balance nutrition’s in our body

There are many articles on internet on this topic, may be more effective then this, but nothing will change without your effort to make it possible, you can begin with these options

Cut on sugar – for some of us its difficult to cut on sugar, but with some efforts it is possible. If you are tea addict, instead of sugar cubes, opt for sugar free tablets. Desserts can be avoided everyday, instead of that fix a day to enjoy desserts.

Do not skip breakfast – the most important meal of the day is good healthy breakfast, make room for breakfast in your busy schedule within one hour of your rise, add proteins, fruits, oats, quinoa and other healthy source in you meal.

Understand good carbs and bad carbs – include oats, sweet potato, fruits, green vegetables and brown rice instead of oily, potato and white rice. Bad carbs lead to weight gain as it digest soon and make you hungry, choose your meal wisely

Avoid soda and junk food – soda contains high level of sugar, in summer instead of soda you can opt fresh fruit juice or homemade squash to keep yourself hydrated. Avoid eating junk food like burgers pizza, you can have it once in a while

Healthy small meals – that gap between two meals should be filled wisely. Instead of eating chips or other junk food you can opt handful of dry fruits, fresh cut fruits or salad or flavored yogurt. Always keep these things handy in your purse or bag.

Drink plenty of water – even in winters you should drink at least 3-4 liters of water a day. Drinking water keeps you hydrate and also flush out the toxins from the body. Always keep water bottle handy at home or in the office desk to make it possible

Know your food – with some food eating timing is very important, like at night you should avoid eating banana or rice, as it digest slowly during time. Always know the nutrition level of your food, keep a track on portions and size of the meal.

These above points can make big change, if done with aggressive passion and positive mind. Let’s start healthy today.



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