YO! Sushi – Dubai Marina Mall, Dubai


So Japanese cuisine and Sushi always fascinates me as I am in love with these rolls selections. Yo Sushi is one of those places i wouldn’t mind coming back again and again. Yo Sushi started its first outlet in Soho, London in 1997 and after almost 12 outlet opening it started its first franchise restaurant in Dubai.

They have special sushi delivering style using conveyor belt method, also the outlet has open kitchen where patrons can see food prepared in front of them. The belt carries food around the restaurant, allowing diners to pick any dish from the belt. Every dish has consumption date. Every thing is so colorful

We started with JAPANESE RELAXATION HERBAL ICED TEA, it is simply must have here specially in this scorching heat. The best thing you will find here on the conveyor belt  is roaming around SALTED EDAMAME i can just go on and on with it, just dip in the soy sauce and its delicious, must have it, its addictive.

From the cold options SMOKED SALMON CHIVES MAKI had very subtle flavors where salmon taste come out really great. CALIFORNIA ROLL didn’t impress me much, but if you want more on rice this might be your pick. SMOCKED SALMON AND CREAM CHEESE tasted really cheesy and creamy, very delicious.

From hot station we tried PRAWN TEMPURA crispy and delectable. POPCORN SHRIMP TEMPURA is more in the sweeter side but in every bite you will love that sweetness. CRISPY CHILI CHICKEN was more like chicken popcorn with peanut sauce. CHILI CHICKEN RAMEN has many delicious flavors in one bowl.

The new Yo sushi burger menu range has different burger options i tried PRAWN KATSU BURGER which is crispy rice burger with tempura prawns and sauce, it is little dry when eat but flavors are great. The star of the show was SALMON TOBIKO TARTARE chopped salmon in olive oil and coriander sauce, delectable.

I always look forward for the dessert section and here i was looking for something light yet satisfying we had STRAWBERRY MOCHI this is must in every Japanese restaurant, rice flour coating on ice cream yummy. The other dessert was GREEN TEA ICE CREAM ROLL very light, innovative and perfectly sweet, must have.

Final Verdict – The conveyor belt makes everything very easy and convenient, its fun to pick your own choice without bothering anyone. They have huge variety of rolls, sushi and maki also salads and burgers. Do not miss their iced tea selections. Great food, fun ambiance, just perfect to hang out with family and friends.

YO! Sushi Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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