Rangla Punjab – Season 2.0 by Punjab Grill (Part 2 of 2)

The second day of the wonderful trip started with breakfast buffet at Ranjit’s Svaasa where the CHOLE KULCHA and other things made our morning so flavourful. And we head to PUNJABIYAT which is a village resort located few kilometres away from Amritsar city. The ride was so much fun as beautiful mustard farm and greenery gives you a real feel and culture of punjab.


While we enter a huge, authentic glass of SWEET LASSI was waiting for us to indulge in, it was filling and delicious. Then the tour continued with a photoshoot and tractor ride, where we crossed the sugarcane and radish farm along with traditional music.


When we came back some traditional Giddha dancers welcome us and then the time came for food.


The lunch was organized on the terrace, we were actually lunching in the middle of farm, the golden colour plates and bowls made it look more royal. Mouthwatering Pickles and Murabba was already served to us along with farm fresh radish. We were served authentic SARSO KA SAAG made by the locals. Home style RAJMA delicious, authentic WADIYA PULAO was a perfect combination with Rajma. BAJRE KI KHICHDI my favourite of the meal. CHICKEN GRAVY was mouthwatering, KARELA KEEMA was indeed a great twist to karela and to end this meal we were served with GULAB JAMUN, SWEET RICE and KHEER.


After the lunch we headed back to the hotel where the Punjab grill team already gave us a surprise with traditional footwear and phulkari dupatta, we freshen up ourselves and left for the ‘Lohri’ celebration (Punjabi festival).


We headed to Green Acres Haveli where a bone fire was lit and the dancers were dancing around it. In this chilly winters the bone fire is much needed. The party begin with ALOO TIKKI CHAAT was mind blowing in taste and some delicious PRAWN, CHICKEN, MUTTON GRILLS. They were also serving PINEAPPLE GRILL which was amazing delicious. The MULLED WINE kept us warm throughout the night.


This time again the food trail was amazing and I enjoyed the most was MAA KI DAAL which is actually black daal, CHICKEN GRAVY mouthwatering and VEG GRAVY loved it. The whole celebration ended with PINNI and MINI PETHA which actually melts in mouth.

This is the end of Rangla Punjab Season 2 where the next day after visiting GOLDEN TEMPLE we returned back to our cities. But what a memorable journey, each and every moment has tiny touch which will always be in my heart.


What an phenomenal experience, bravo to the Rangla Punjab Team as they were literally on their toes to make everything positive and quick.

I also want to share that the words are less to express how the experience was, you have feel it more then reading this.

Thanks to Mr. Deepak Bhatiya (Asst. Vice President, Punjab Grill), Mr. Rohit Aggarwal (Director, Lite Bite Foods), Mr. Sharad Sachdeva (CEO, lite Bite Foods), Mr. Gursharan Walia (GM, Lite Bite Foods), Chef Gurpreet Singh (Corporate Chef, Punjab Grill), Kiran Dillon (Curator) and the team members Ananya Banerjee, Monika Thakur, Arti Rustagi, Rini Sinha and many other people who made it such memorable and successful trip, it was nice meeting all of you.

Hope to see all of you soon for the next season.

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