L’Atelier Aqua fitness – Al Wasl Road, Dubai


Dubai is changing and many healthy restaurants and gym are coming in the town. A very new and innovative way be fit. L’Atelier Aqua fitness is a high end boutique Aqua fitness studio, it is bringing an amazing healthy lifestyle concept revolving around aqua biking and detox juice and tea bar.


This unique way of keeping your self fit is now trending and has really very good effect and result on the body.

The boutique has its own separate swimming pool in which gym biking is installed. As per the different sessions instructor gives instructions with peppy music. It is more of a fun activity.

There are certain levels in the bike as per the workout need. I took full body work out in which the upper body and lower body both is taken care of with different gym equipments like elastic and so.

They also have a small healthy bar to fuel up yourself after heavy biking session. You can indulge in some date and chia balls along with detox juices tea.

Overall i highly recommend this fun session if you really want to be fit and looking for better and faster results.

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