Stock Exchange- Downtown, Dubai


Stock Exchange – How difficult it must be to change perception of bar food? The bar food is mostly french fries, or just burgers, but when you are in Stock exchange some finger licking food is served to you, and you might just come for food, but the drinks are revamped and served beautifully, loved my experience

The ambiance is magical inside, it looks and feels like you are in the stock market where the prices of the drinks are displayed with rates going high and low. Its fun to keep track on the prices. In good weather you can enjoy beautiful weather and view in the outdoors. Service is prompt and staff is active

New drinks have been introduced in the menu and we tried JACKED UP with mix of Jack Daniel, Gin, Midori, Pineapple Juice, Lime Juice, Sugar Syrup, loved the mix. Also PASSION FRUIT MOJITO Fresh Passion Fruit, Lime, Fresh Mint, Bacardi white Rum, Lemonade, loved the refreshing mix, delectable

Also BERRY CAIPIRINHA Which is a refreshing mix of Raspberry, Blueberry, Strawberry, Fresh Mint, Sprite. We tried BEER STORM with Lager Beer, Ginger Syrup, Egg White, Dark Rum. KALA KHATTA DAIQUIRI with Black Currant Pulp, Sugar Syrup and Lime Juice, Black Salt, loved the tangy flavours

How can i forget to mention one more amazing drink called VOLCANIC LAMP with a refreshing mix of White Wine, Cider, Lemongrass Vodka, Mixed Fruits. I loved the taste and presentation is the best. All the drink they have introduced or may be revamped are not only good in taste but also presented in style

Along with drinks we started with dish called CHILLI CHEESE BAGUETTE Crunchy toasted Baguette topped with many ingredients and loved the spicy sauce it was served with. Also ALOO WITH CHEDDAR TIKKI CHAAT i never expected chaat here, loved how tangy, spicy and other flavours were mixed

MIRCHI IMLI LAMB CHOPS was such a delicious dish, 4 Hours cooked lamb chops, flash fried & coated in glaze made up with chilly paste & tamarind pulp, served with Blue cheese fries. CHICKEN AND CHEETOS SLIDER Pink & Black coloured tiny burgers loaded with Chicken & Cheetos, loved it

2 MINUTES WILD MUSHROOM NOODLES with 2 minute noodles sautéed with browned mushrooms & garlic, drizzled with truffle oil, this is my favourite and very delicious also VAN NOODLES WITH CHILLI CHICKEN served in the Iron Roadside noodles topped up with chilly chicken in an iron, loved it.

Desserts were really amazing were DARK CHOCOLATE RUM BALL were served Dark chocolate sponge bound with chocolate sauce & surrounded by Valrhona sauce, flambeed with dark rum. Also LOTUS TART WITH VANILLA ICE CREAM Lotus Biscoff’s tart with lotus sauce & vanilla ice cream, loved both.

Final Verdict – Wow, what an experience. Stock exchange has changed the whole concept of bar food. Mix of many spices tickle your taste buds in many ways. The drinks are amazing, some amazing mix of liquor and delicious food along with beautiful ambiance is something you want to go back again and again.

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