Motomachi – Festival City,Dubai


Japanese cuisine has many unique aspects. Careful preparation and meticulous presentation are crucial elements of Japanese cuisine. Food is an art form and even the simplest dishes are often prepared by chefs who have trained for many years., Motomachi is true reflection of Japanese cuisine.

The ambiance has so much of Japanese elements where you will find kimono on the wall, Japanese letter carving done on the wooden wall and many more things make this place very Japanese. A point to highlight that even the staff is Japanese, the view from the restaurant is amazing

The menu is designed beautifully, and the best part is that the picture is given of dishes, where it is easier to understand what your food is gonna look like. I started with my all time favourite EDAMAME loved how simple and delightful it was. PRAWN TEMPURA with wasabi mayo tasted good

Moving ahead i trued SHOYU RAMEN it is soy sauce ramen bowl and it is given in generous quantity with chicken on top. Loved the simplicity of this bowl. Also i tried CALIFORNIA ROLL with crab stick, avocado, fish roe and mayo, i loved how simple it tasted, it was delicious in taste

Now in the dessert we tried many if them and we started with MATCHA PARFAIT matcha flavour paired perfectly in a long glass and along with scoop of ice creams and mini cakes, loved the mixed flavours in the desserts. The other dessert is cute fish size waffle TAIYAKI filled with Nutella

When In a Japanese restaurant you can not miss JAPANESE CHEESECAKE cloud like soft, melt in mouth cheesecake is worth a try. CHOCOLATE CAKE slice is perfect for chocolate lovers with caramel like flavour on top. Also MOCHI PUFF filled with custard is awkwardly delicious.

Final Verdict – I have had Japanese cuisines before many times but never tried very authentic Japanese food ever. And now i know the difference between fusion and authentic Japanese food. The flavours are subtle and has really good options in the menu, I recommend this place.

Motomachi Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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