Quattro Ristorante – Mankhool, Dubai


One more name is added in the list of restaurants in Dubai and this time contemporary Mexican and Italian cuisine and that too vegetarian. But do not think that it is vegetarian and the taste will not satisfy the non vegetarians, the flavours and taste is very unique and delectable. My experience here was really great

The ambiance is mix of many unusual colors like, blue, yellow and green which makes the ambiance look very fresh and vibrant. The tables arranged in three raw and the center tables connected with the fountain and a olive tree, you can hear soothing voice of flowing water. Very Italian feel and look is given

STRAWBERRY SORBET served in generous quantity which was made with real fresh strawberries, with perfect sweet level. The other drink was CUCUMBER MOJITO a very different drink as the sweetness is added with cotton candy, then the server pour soda on top to dissolve the candy with fume enjoy the drink.

We started with my favorite salad WATERMELON FETA CHEESE SALAD served beautifully in a bowl watermelon and musk melon skewers with feta cheese along with pine nuts, loved the freshness of this salad. RISOTTO PALLE risotto and cheese balls with chili oil infuser, loved the presentation and taste.

Moving ahead we were served TAQUITOS WITH AVOCADO ICE CREAM served in a ice cream cones filled with re fried bean, sour cream and avocado ice cream, loved the flavours. TAX MAX LOADED POTATO SKIN spicy flavours and served with sour cream foam on top, mix veg and cheese works like magic.

The menu is very extensive and when in any Italian restaurant, trying a pizza is must MARGARITA PIZZA, the crust of the pizza was very crispy and the topping tasted really very amazing. Since it is a Mexican and Italian mix cuisine, and to keep it in the mind they serve many interesting dips along with meal.

In desserts we tried CHOCOLATE SATIN which is actually very interesting solid chocolate sphere where the chocolate sauce is poured on top and then a surprise chocolate pastry is kept inside. The decoration of the plate was very impressive, the taste could have been much better, but a fascinating dessert to try.

Final Verdict – So finally Quattro has opened its doors for patrons and you will not be disappointed here as the flavours are very familiar to the Indian palate, some visual art work on table with food surely keeps you think whats next. I loved the ambiance very comfortable and beautiful, recommended.

Quattro Ristorante Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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