Tresind – Nassima Royal Hotel, Trade Centre Area, Dubai


Tresind is not only a restaurant, it’s an experience. This impressive name is derived by ‘Tres’ (French) means ‘Very’ and ‘Ind’ which abbreviation of India. Extraordinary, tantalizing and fascinating Indian flavors served magnificently on your plate. Chefs creativity and serving staff’s efforts is appreciable.

Since it is a fine dine restaurant the ambiance is has very minimal, contemporary and modest. Lounge area seems to be more busy and live. Service is to notch and very prompt, servers keep eye on your table and ask if we need anything in time intervals. Since they have launched the new menu, here is my take on that

We were welcomed by the staff in its very own way by serving DECONSTRUCTED PANIPURI the seasoned sour and sweet water is dipped in chemical solution which takes ball shape and served with sweet chutney and boondi, yummy and delicious. They also KARAK PAV WITH HOME MADE SALSA, every bite was full of flavors.

We started with BAKED BURRATA SALAD it was coated with coriander pesto and sprinkle with tomato shorba essence, it was delectable and very flavorful. Moving ahead ROASTED BABY CORN served in Indian street style, where the chef roast corn in front of you and it was topped with lemon butter masala and peri peri, mouthwatering.

One of their mouth watering starter SEA BASS PATRA PODA, fish cooked in strong sweet and tangy south Indian masala with curry leaves and banana chips, the fish is cooked to the perfection and the spicy and tangy masala accompany it beautifully. They open fish from the banana leaf in front of you, amazing in taste.

Inspired by one of very popular food in India from Banaras city is BANARASI ALOO PAPAD WITH WHITE PEAS GUACAMOLE which is more like ragda pettice, where the potato taste was given by aloo papad, every bite was full of flavors. This delightful dish is my most favorite, the presentation was done pleasantly too.

One of very distinctive serving was MURG ZAMIN DOZ it is dum cooked chicken in delectable and flavorful curry. It is inspired by Indian cooking done underground. Surprisingly chicken cooked till perfection and was very tender, they serve it with mashed potato on plate, after long i had such wonderful dish.

From the starter section again BUTTER POACHED PRAWNS it was more like a salad preparation with pickled masala and pimento pepper, nice. LOTUS STEM KEBAB CHOPS the presentation was top notch as it looked exactly like lamb chopped, served with hot raw mango and green chili chutney, kebab was crisp and tasty.

After such mouth watering starters it was time for mains PRESSURE COOKED CHICKEN STEW i my most favorite from the menu. Home style, simple chicken cooked carrot and potato, They served it with Indian flat bread which was loaded with butter, every bite remind me home food, served actual cooker, delectable.

I was very excited to try one of their delicacy BEERBAL KI KHICHDI, bravo to the presentation, made with more then seventy ingredients and most of them they put in front of you and mix, the best part is that in every bite you get different taste. The taste is brilliantly very authentic and the serving is very interesting.

Now the best part is the desserts, they have introduced some new delicacies in the menu and one of them is very original and own TRADITIONAL JALEBI which is served, but what is so interesting about this, it is the  perfect 100 grams net weight where the weighting tool is bring on your table. It is real fun to do this process.

The other dessert was BAKED RASGULLA with raw mango ice cream and raspberry tuile, again all points to the presentation. Thin crispy layer was covered on top of the bowl filled with hot bake rasgulla, the tangy and yummy raw mango ice cream was complimenting it beautifully, alluring and tasty, i loved everything about this.

No the dessert session doesn’t stop here CHEENI KA PARATHA which is flavored with salted caramel and served scrambled milk, it was presented with sugar threads, delectable. GHEVAR MILLE FEUILLE is very unique again as it is served with pistachio mousse and rose sorbet, wow every flavor was dancing in every bite.

The final dessert was GHEE ROAST KATAIFI PASTRY which is dulce panna cotta and saffron gel, more deconstructed form of our traditional and very own sheer korma. The presentation of this dessert is very unique and the tantalizing flavors in every bite is just out of this world, try it to believe it, very delectable.

Final Verdict – I don’t really need to mention that Tresind is one of my favorite restaurants in town. This place is magical, every dish they serve is memorable and every thought behind this unique culinary journey is tremendous. Loved the new menu and don’t miss some of their signature cock tails, highly recommended.

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