Maharaja Bhog – Discovery Gardens, Dubai


Authentic Indian food always fascinate me and when it comes to thali, i always remember about royal and perfect service along with delectable food. Maharaja Bhog is a place where you find both. They specialize in premium vegetarian thali like no other where the food tantalize  your taste buds with taste and flavours.

This is the second branch they have started in the town and offer huge thali where different types of dishes can be fitted in one go. The ambiance is very simple, nothing great to talk about but for sure it is very neat and clean. Service takes a very important part here as the staff serves food with smile on their face.

They serve drinks like BUTTERMILK which is good to improve the digestion before you start your meal, then the KOKAM SHARBAT which is also a very refreshing drink. In farsan option MINI PUNJABI SAMOSA tasted real good with the chutney they served. METHI CORN DHOKLA was very soft and with chutney tasted yum.

In the special item they served DAL BATI CHURMA was a perfect delight to go for. In veggies PANEER JALFREZI, GAWAR RAJASTHANI, ALOO CHUTNYWALA and SHAHI GUTTA was going great with THEPLA, PURI and ROTI. Rajasthani dal and kadhi and normal DAL & KADHI tasted very flavourful and delicious and also fresh.

This lavish thali should end with some great desserts and it was ended with simple SHRIKHAND and MOHAN HALWA, both the desserts tasted great together. Shrikhand was very fresh and perfectly sweet. Along with this all they also serve KHICHDI & STEAMED RICE, you should not miss khichdi with lots of ghee on top.

Final Verdict – Few things actually impress you when you enter as a patron here. As the hand wash come to your table with warm water. Also the hospitality is really very nice where the staff is taking care of you to the core, the menu changes everyday and also made fresh. Don’t miss the paan mouth freshener in the end.

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