Pineapple Express – Palm Jumeirah, Dubai


Food trucks are in trend so is healthy food and to fulfill both this wish we Pineapple express food truck in Palm jumeirah. Pineapple express is a cafe with a special emphasis on super foods and everything that is ‘good for your insides’. They offer full breakfast menu and healthy hearty meal for healthy prospect.

The best part is the location, set up like a bar, they want to give streamlined service including grab ‘n’ go options like fresh salads, wraps, paleo treats, acai bowls and Campos coffee. I loved the colors they have used every where, blue, yellow and white looking so cool. And the seashore in front of you, is superb.

We started with SMASHED AVO healthy rye bread topped with fetta, blitzed tomato and sweet basil oil, every bite is divine and delectable, loved the fetta twist on top. TOSTIE TOPPERS with banana, blueberries and almond butter was nice and strawberry and cottage cheese combination was just superb and healthy.

I opted for COLD KILLER from the fresh juice section. It is mix of lemon juice, ginger, beetroot, turmeric, celery and apple, I personally loved the tangy ness in it. From smoothie section i also tried PEANUT BUTTER AND CHOCOLATE of man, i loved it so much, it has more chocolate and less peanut butter, yummy.

You cant miss the Acai bowl they serve and we opted BREAKFAST BOWL with acai, coconut water, banana, berries and spinach topped with granola, fruits and coconut shave. The other GYM JUNKIE with acai, coconut water, banana, mango and vegan protein. both the bowl were divine and delectable, the best.

Final Verdict – Healthy is in trend and now a days healthy food is a new flavor. Pineapple express gives such huge variety to fuel yourself up so that you can enjoy filling up yourself guilt free. Such combinations of fruits and appetizing presentation creates magic on your plate. So now go healthy but guilt free.



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