Local Bites – Umm Suqeim, Dubai


I tried Emarati cuisine many times in Dubai but still i would say there are less places serves authentic Emarati cuisine, The popular Emirati restaurant Local bite cafe has reopened its doors after a complete makeover at Jumeirah Beach Road this week. The much admired menu has also undergone a makeover with new delectable additions.

This is a small cafe style eatery which is popular for its Emarati fusion breakfast they serve. Loved the simple, cozy and contemporary interior given to the place. They have made things less complicated and simple. Perfect to spend lazy, cozy time with friends and family. I found service is very prompt and staff is very courteous.

We started with SALAD TRIO three types of salad served on a platter, first is stir fried cauliflower, carrot and soy garlic seasoning, very interesting combo, its healthy and delicious. Local Bites Vegan Tabbouleh Salad with Citrus Dressing, this is my favorite here. Classic Fattoush Salad with Pomegranate Dressing, very nice.

Moving ahead we were served with MEDITERRANEAN PLATTER it was an interesting mix of Fresh HUMMUS after a long time i had such fresh hummus. GRILLED HALLOUMI delectable and CRISP FALAFEL it was just perfect, was going great with LABNEH they sereved along, they also served zataar and arabic bread to accompany.

The mains was super delicious as they served their most talked parathas. SPICED CHICKEN TIKKA ROLL was my favorite from all this, must try. OMAN CHIPS AND CHEESE ROLL very simple but nice. PIZZATHA with grilled chicken and pizza sauce, very delicious.MASH AND CHEESE PARATHA is divine for cheese lovers, for sure.

In mains again we were served with JUMEIRAH KHAMEER SANDWICH mildly Spiced Signature Chicken Stuffed in Fresh Baked Khameer, full of flavors, loved it. And in veg they served FALAFEL KHAMEER SANDWICH crisp Fried Felafel with Tzatiki sauce stuffed in Fresh Baked Khameer, i simply loved it, very delectable.

In desserts LUGAIMAT Crisp Fried Dumplings served with Date Syrup. NUTELLA STRAWBERRY crisp Paratha stuffed with Nutella and Tart Strawberries. CHEBAB Cardamom Spiced Emirati Pancake, all of them were delectable. JUMEIRAH SPECIAL is cold coffee with date syrup, very organic and must have when here.

Final Verdict – I simply loved this place and recommend this to all the foodies. Local Bites café will be open every day for your comfort from 8am until 1230am. Located conveniently at walking distance from The Kite Beach, the café is the perfect place to grab a quick bite or enjoy a delightful meal with friends or family.

Local Bites Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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