Long Yin – Le Meridian, Garhoud, Dubai


So just like me if you are looking for authentic yet delicious Chinese food then Long Yin is your stop. Le meridian hotel and conferences i known for its so many restaurants in one premises, where you will find many options in terms of cuisine. I was very excited to try this place for Chinese and my experience was pleasant.

The ambiance of Long yin is very authentic and has reflection of Chinese culture in every nook and corner. Beautiful soothing Chinese music is playing in the back ground which gives really traditional feel. I must mention the cutlery they serve food in, very traditional. service is prompt and staff is polite

We started with VEGETABLE STEAMED DUMPLINGS they are served in very cute wooden steamer and filled with generous amount of vegetable filling with hint of peanut, very nice. The STEAMED MUSHROOM DUMPLING was very delicious with tasty filling of mushroom, very nice and delectable

Moving ahead ONION PANCAKES was simple puff filled with spring onion and baked till golden color, yummy and tasty. The other dish was DEEP FRIED VEGETABLE SPRING ROLLS, filling was really tasty and it crispy from outside, yummy. VEGETABLE STEAMED BUN was fluffy buns filled with veggies.

In mains we tried BRAISED LOHAN MIXED VEGETABLES i tasted great with VEGETABLE FRIED RICE. Then TOFU IN BLACK BEAN SAUCE tasted good as the spice level was not so dull. Also STIR FRIED NOODLES was really good with tangy sauce. Other then this BOK CHOY IN GARLIC SAUCE was good in taste.

How can we miss desserts after all this, and we decided to have CHILLED MANGO PUDDING which is creamy, flavor full pudding topped with fresh mango puree and fresh cream. Every bite is delectable and yummy. I also tried MINT AND LEMON MOJITO which is a very refreshing drink specially in summers.

Final Verdict – After ages i enjoyed authentic Chinese food in Dubai and i highly recommend this place. The ambiance is beautiful and the service is good too. They also have business lunch set menu to go for in which you can also enjoy glass of wine in 129 AED or with out drink 99 AED.

Long Yin Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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