Aseelah – Radisson Blu Hotel, Baniyas, Dubai


Living in Dubai for almost one and a half year i tried International cuisine at its best, but never could try authentic Emirati cuisine, but Aseelah bringing food from old and new era of this cuisine in one menu where you can understand the roots of its dawn. Very strong flavors of spices are used in this cuisine, it is interesting to know.

Aseelah is a fine dine restaurant and the ambiance of this place is very classy. I went here during dinner time and the aura of this place is very soothing and peaceful. Very spacious tables and comfortable chairs and yellow light falling all over the restaurant gives a very beautiful look to it. Also the menu is beautifully set.

We started with traditional SPICED PARSNIP AND ALMOND SOUP creamy parsnip soup it is usually served with veal bacon but for us they skipped it, garnished with almond and saffron oil. BEETROOT CARPACCIO with fresh wild rocket, olive oil with tahini flavored leban, and lime juice, flavors were very fresh and delicious.

Salad variety is huge in the menu so we also tried FENNEL AND ORANGE SALAD, a unique mix of quail, poached eggs, fennel and bell pepper dressed with orange vinaigrette, lovely combination. We were also served CHEESE MANAKISH and fresh PITA BREAD with clarified butter, it tasted fresh and delicious, very nice.

For the first time i tried camel meat in ASEELAH CAMEL SLIDERS perfectly cooked and seasoned patty between soft buns, i will surely go back to try this delicacy, must have. In mains we also get to try SEAFOOD RISOTTO with grilled prawns, it was good in taste. Other one was ASEELAH HAREES chicken and wheat mix, good in taste.

Traditional LAMB CHOPS which was medium cooked with traditional spices, was good in taste again. FISH MACHBOOS is local fish served on top of traditional Arabic rice. Fish was succulent and delicious. GRILLED PRAWNS simply flavored with turmeric and lemon, it can be a task to remove prawns by shell, but i loved it.

For desserts we tried LUQAIMAT this deep fried sweet is drizzled with date syrup and coated with sesame seed. Very unique dessert was ASEEDA BOBAR which is sweet pumpkin mousse and flavored with saffron and cardamon, similar dessert was PUMPKIN MILLE FEUILLE puree layered in puff pastry with date & cream cheese

The other dessert was DATE PUDDING this is my most favorite dessert, as this beautiful combination can never go wrong. It was warm date pudding served with poached dates, and served with mango and passion ice cream. The flavors tasted really very great together as this combination was just perfect for dessert lovers.

Final Verdict – Emirati cuisine consist of many dry spices and mostly meat is included in the menu. Some of the main spices are saffron, cardamom, turmeric and dates. Every dish has unique flavor and taste. This newly open restaurant surely stole my heart where you can also enjoy and try some authentic delicacies.

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