Rabiee Al Shaay Cafe – University Road, Sharjah


Rabiee Al Shaay aka Flavors of the world is located in Sharjah. This small eatery, mostly a take away joint is talk of the town because of the exquisite food they serve. Just by the name they have clutched some delicacies from all over the world in there menu. My drive from Dubai to Sharjah was worth as i simply enjoyed this place.

As i have mentioned that it is mostly a take way place, but to my surprise it is  very beautiful and well done by interiors. Only two people can sit inside to dine in. But the kitchen is constantly busy as they have many order for take away and delivery. The menu no doubt very interesting and has burgers to milkshakes in it.

We started with refreshing STRAWBERRY MOJITO some sweet and sour flavors in the beautiful jar was a great thing to start with. How can i miss LOTUS MILKSHAKE perfectly blended, creamy, rich and thick, i will give 10 out of 10 to this, perfect. PASSION FRUIT MOJITO again tickled my taste buds with sweet and sour taste.

We started with DYNAMITE SHRIMP perfectly coated and fried till well cooked, delectable and perfect. One of their signature burger was CHEETOS BURGER had tender, juicy and deep fried chicken, melted chicken, cheetos, pickles served in soft and flavorful potato bun, all this tasted superb together, it is must have and delectable.

Moving on we had PENNE PINK SAUCE WITH PRAWNS well cooked penne pasta cooked in pink sauce and it was teamed with prawns, delicious. Now the desserts NUTELLA WITH MELTED CHOCOLATE WAFFLE is simple yet very delicious dessrts they have. I loved the most was BROWNIE CREPE they make it in front of you, mus have.

Final Verdict – Don’t ever judge book by its cover, this phrase is almost true when it comes to Rabiee Al Shaay Cafe. It is located in the university road and attracting students for sure. It is definitely worth a drive from Dubai to Sharjah, and if you are in Sharjah then just stop by to take a quick bite along with shacks or authentic tea they serve.

Rabiee Al Shaay Café Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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