Kaffa Beans – Silicon Oasis, Dubai


Kaffa beans – A cafe which serves specialty coffee from different regions of the world. They roast, grind and make special coffee in house. Surprisingly i didn’t heard about this place until i visited recently to Kaffa beans. My visit was very memorable as i met one of the best team working in a coffee shop and make there customer happy.

From outside it this place looks simple but when you enter a quirky, contemporary and very cafe ambiance welcomes you along with energetic staff. You have small tables, long tables, huge couches with wooden tables paired along. The walls have black boards where you can see coffee menu written and some fascinating quote to make your day.

The menu has huge breakfast options with mains, sliders, sandwich, pizza and many more. But i am sure whatever you will order you will love it as the chefs are well trained.

We started with AMARENA CHEESECAKE SMOOTHIE beautiful blend of slight cheese saltiness and perfect balance of sweet. It was topped with some whipped cream, delicious is the word. GREEN APPLE MOJITO has perfect balance of every ingredients they have added, addition of fresh mint leaves is very refreshing and it tasted really great.

From the slider section i tried PRAWN SLIDER in soft slider buns tucked grilled prawns, in house spicy sauce and coleslaw. Prawns were perfectly grilled and they were absolutely succulent, spicy sauce was minimal and coleslaw enhanced the taste of burger. The freshness of this burger totally stole my heart, totally recommended.

In mains SEA BASS WITH GOAT CHEESE this dish is heavenly in taste. Beautifully grilled sea bass with grilled asparagus and mashed potato. This grilled fish is topped with goat cheese with pesto sauce. The fish literally melts in your mouth and the pesto cheese sauce makes a perfect combination and this dish is just heaven in every bite, must have dish.

Then PULLED CHICKEN from the poultry section, since it was recommended i was sure of the taste. It came in large platter with some backed beans, coleslaw on mashed potato bed shredded smoky pulled chicken was served. This simple dish had many flavors intact, every bite is super filling and delectable in taste, loved every bite of it, delicious.

So when you are in specialty coffee cafe a good coffee is a must even if you are a non coffee lover. A cup of CORTADO can be the best start of the day. You can find the difference in single sip from regular coffee that how fresh it is. Since they roast, grind and brew in house, this make a huge difference. You need to come and try by yourself.

Desserts are not listed in the menu since they have small dessert display of cakes, and croissant. The best selling cake is PISTACHIO CAKE one bite and you know why its best seller, soft cake with cream and pistachio in it, beautiful is the word. The another cake i tried was CARROT CAKE perfectly layered with cream cheese, delicious.

Final Verdict – A big shout out to the staff and hospitality of Kaffa Beans. The best part was i could see the process of making Ethiopian Yirgachefe. Even if it is cafe, the food is the highlight of his place. As i live nearby without any doubt i will go back again. Rustic ambiance, good food and perfect coffee, this place is highly recommended.

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