Peshwa – Al Karama, Dubai


Peshwa means Maratha empire’s head, and roots of maharashrian cuisine comes from very ancient time of Maratha. Being a Maharashtrian this cuisine is very close to my heart, it consists many different spices and with every area in the state the taste differs. So when i heard of Peshwa i was very exited to try this place.

The ambiance of this restaurant is very simple but this restaurant is very spacious and some wall arts give a great reflection of Maharashtra region. The ceiling corners have beautiful decorating wooden. Service staff is very polite but since they claim they serve everything fresh so service can be little slow then usual.

We started with authentic drink called KOKAM SARBAT, my favourite summer drink since childhood, perfect level of sugar and seasoning, loved it. Another traditional drink was SOL KADHI, it is made of coconut milk and has ginger, green chili in it, it is perfect for digestion and has very authentic recipe, they nailed it, refreshing.

In starters they served some very traditional dishes. We had COTHIMBIR WADI is mix of gram flour and coriander it was so delicious and just the way how it should be. Kanda bhajji is actually onion and gram flour fritters perfect snack in rains and cold days, it tasted great as they served piping hot, it is a perfect tea time snack in India.

BATATA WADA is spicy potato rolled in gram flour batter and fried till done well, very delicious. So the best fasting snack is SABUDANA WADA perfectly crisp and it is great breakfast option too. The best breakfast considered is THALI PEETH it is made of many nutritional flours and very filling, best to consume with dollop of ghee.

Along with this non vegetarian starters stole my heart totally. SAOJI CHICKEN surprisingly was melting in my mouth, very soft pieces of chicken marinated with light spices, must have. The other one was SURMAI FRY spicy masala was coated on surmai piece and fried on tawa till soft, very authentic and delicious, must have when here.

In mains they served BHARLI KARLI  which is stuffed bitter gourd i never eat bitter gourd but this was deliciously made. PITHLA is made of some strong spices and gram flour very homely taste. MATKI USAL had very simple spices used and i love it with hot chapati, tasted great. GOAN ZINGA MASALA didn’t impress me much though.

Now the desserts they served UKDICHE MODAK special dessert for the festivals in Maharashtra and it totally impressed me it is rice flour dumplings filled with coconut and jagarry, beautiful is the word. Other one is MAGO SHRIKHAND this can not be missed here, it is very delectable and flavorful dessert, perfect in summers.

Another very authentic dessert was PURAN POLI in every home they have diffrent recipe coming from family, this didn’t impress me much as filling was little dry for me. We also tried PINEAPPLE SHIRA  this could have been much better, but still i liked it. PLAIN SHRIKHAND is also very delicious, GULAB JAMUN were served hot.

Final Verdict –  For me Peshwa is home away from home. All the dishes are made with authentic taste and perfection. Service can be little slow as they claim everything they make is fresh not pre cooked. Everything make you resemble as if you are in India and dining. I recommend Peshwa for those who is willing to try this cuisine.

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