Freez – Al Quoz, Dubai


Finally a place in Dubai where you can satisfy your dessert cravings with so many options they have. Freez outlet in Al Quoz area started recently with a bang and every one in the town is taking about it. This hype gave me crave to try this place as soon as possible as even i have a big sweet tooth.

It is little difficult to find this place as in is located a bit inside in Al Quoz. You can take help of google map to reach there. Freez is a very cute and small outlet with graffiti walls. Because of less space this place is recommended to order in the car. Service is prompt and staff is very friendly.

I started with savory drink CHEETOS LEBAN DRINK, very new and refreshing for me. Freeze leban with super spicy cheetos, very nice. CHEESE WAFFLE is a great option for cheese lovers, waffle stick served with cheese on top. Every thing here is very stomach filling and unique in taste.

Now the sweet start CRISPY NUTELLA CREPE is the best dessert i had here, wow ! Every bite is filled with sweetness and it is also very filling. The another one was NUTELLA WAFFLE it is again one of the very simple recipe, but i liked how beautifully they made it with stick, which is easy to eat.

Freez has so many desserts option so my sweet journey didn’t stop here. I tried SUSHI CREPE, it was cake rolled in crepe and cut into sushi shape, something new i had, very delicious. I also had LOTUS ICECREAM the quantity was generous and i could taste lotus in every bite, delectable again.

How can i miss milk shake when i am in a place where i will find so many options in flavors. I simply love LOTUS MILKSHAKE ans i ordered one for myself. In this summer this milkshake was so refreshing and tasty too. Between lotus icecream and milkshake i will choose milkshake any time.

Final Verdict – A dessert parlor where you have so many options to go for, not only sweet but they also have savory options. I liked everything i tried here. My most favorite were lotus milkshake and sushi crepe. Price and quantity wise everything is so perfect. I highly recommend this place to everyone.

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