Tribes – Dubai Mall, Dubai

Much awaited Tribes finally opened its doors for everyone on 31st August and I witnessed this celebration as i was invited to the launch party, where I celebrated with them, an experienced one of the best events in Dubai. Yes it was a big much talked celebration in town and many people gave their appearance here including me.
The ambiance of this place is very rustic and specious. I always appreciate places where you get to see how your food is prepared, here you get to see the kitchen and staff. They also have a small outdoor section where you get to see amazing view of backside of downtown. Service is prompt and service staff is very friendly.
The salad station has some real good stuff i liked the most was BEETROOT AND ORANGE SALAD very simple yet it tasted delicious. I also like MAC AND CHEESE oh my, they used three cheese in it and every cheese enhanced the flavor of it, must try. They serve their mock tails in a very fancy way, and they are refreshing too.
Tribes is called meat lovers paradise so how can i miss some delicious grills. They have beef, chicken every things for you. I tried two of chicken grills and both of them were very juicy and delectable. Both the grills were different in taste and you can taste that meat is fresh and succulent, i loved everything i tried here, i was overwhelmed.
Tribes has managed to get the authentic flavor in the food and also in the ambiance of the place. Service staff is very friendly and also dressed how African should dress. They have a small indicator on the table if you turn it green they start serving meat and when you turn it red they stop serving. That is quite play on the table, this place is highly recommended.

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