Volt – Al Warqa, Dubai

IMG_4636Volt – Name itself gives an image that they have something electrifying to go for. I loved the fact that that the menu also has such interesting names which gives an urge to try it. I recently visited this outlet and I am highly impressed with food they serve. It is a very small outlet, but quality of food was really good and impressive

This small outlet is located in Al Warqa. They only have home delivery or take away option, so people living nearby is having benefit. They serve fast food and has very limited items in the menu, but every item has a specific and explosive taste. Menu has four categories burgers, sides, French fries and drinks.

In burgers VOLT CHICKEN BURGER was so filling and delicious in taste, they have volt sauce with chicken patty with cheese and lettuce, the another burger I tried FIRE CHICKEN BURGER was fiery as they put jalapenos with fiery chili sauce with cheese, delectable and very filling. VOLT SIGNATURE BURGER is favorite for beef lovers.

In electric bites we tried ELECTRIC SHRIMP, I am out of words to explain how delicious it was, the sauce it was coated in (dynamite sauce) is very tasteful. The other ones are ELECTRIC CHICKEN and ELECTRIC CALAMARI in the similar sauce, but yes very delicious. The quantity per serving is good too. One should try any one with burgers

In fries’ selection I was happy to see they have good choices to go for, I tried and I liked the most was SWEET POTATO FRIES very nicely made, delicious and less oily. Other one I tried the VOLT FRIES it was simple fries with spicy sauce on top, it got finished in minutes it came, fries were crispy and tasty, I loved them all

Final Verdict – As I have mentioned that I am not that big fan of burgers, but I am very impressed with the burgers and food they serve here. I personally like little spicy food and you have an option here to go for. Since it is more of take away place make sure when you are driving nearby, I highly recommend this place to all the foodies

Volt Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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