LeTen – Downtown Dubai, Dubai

IMG_4436LèTen – Asian cuisine reflects many flavors from different parts of Asia, every dish has distinctive taste and origin tale. Leten is a place where you have reflection of all the flavors of Asia. In my recent visit I could find blend of modern Asian cuisine with new flavors. My experience was really very memorable and lovely.

Leten nestled inside Dubai Mall. Since Dubai Mall is very huge, still it is not that difficult to find this place out. Ambiance is the main highlight of this place as the contemporary look gives a new and fresh change the moment you enter, seating area is little small but in pleasant weather you can opt outdoor seating with spectacular view.

Service Menu is combination of many interesting Asian dishes, since it was an invite we had set menu, service has room for improvement.

Since it is really very hot weather in this summer we started with drink RED VELVET FRACHILLAR mix of red velvet, chocolate, nut and milk, the beautiful it looked tastier it was. The other one was SPICED MANGOSTEEN MARGARITA was an interesting combination of mango and red chili, but it was way too spicy for my taste as drink

In soup I had THAI TOM YUM SEAFOOD SOUP, just one word, delicious. Then GOLDEN VEGETABLE MONEY BAG, cute bag shaped fried wontons tasted delicious. The another my favorite was WASABI PRAWNS, wasabi coated prawns topped on watermelon, so refreshing. Another one was CURRY MAYO PRAWNS, beautiful and delicious.

In main course since we had many variety I liked DEVILS FRIED RICE, very flavourful, and SZECHUAN KUNGPO CHICKEN FILLET WITH CASHEW NUTS was going very nice with the rice. CRISPY DUCK ROLL was visual treat for us, since they make it in front of you. SZECHUAN CHILI LAMB had succulent lamb. All of them tasted so good and delectable

In desserts we were served CARROT CAKE, I had high expectations since in picture it looked way too delicious, but some taste was lacking. The next one impressed me the most and it was CHOCOLATE MIKADO, beautifully presented plate with very moist sponge with chocolate layers, I loved every bite of it, it was so good, must have.

Final Verdict – Asian cuisine never fail to impress me, similarly Leten didn’t fail to impress me. I loved all the dishes they prepared. I wish weather allowed us to enjoy outside seating with a superb view. And the interiors give that instant energy because of vibrant colors and comfortable seating. I highly recommend this place to all the foodies.

LèTen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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