Totora Cebicheria Peruana – DIFC, Dubai

IMG_4435Totora Cebicheria Peruana – this place gives a culinary glimpse of Peruvian cuisine in Dubai. Peruvian cuisine is blend of Europe, Asian and African cuisines. Every dish has fusion of multiple flavors. Since this was very new cuisine for me to try I was excited to unfold new taste. My recent experience here was full of many flavors and surprises.

Nestled in Gate Village 7, DIFC. Location is on the main road not very difficult to find. It is fine dine and bar concept with very vibrant and cotemporary interiors. They have two floors, just when you enter they have bar and ahead of it tables are arranged and in the below floor they have DJ console with huge bar area, impressive setup

We were attended by the staff the very moment we entered. Service is prompt and staff is friendly and polite. Since it was tasting session we were served set menu.

We started with CABICHES, raw fish cured in lime juice, spiced Peruvian chilies, delectable. Then DE BARIO had octopus, shrimps, sea bass, boiled cassava, chulpi corn, what a combination of all the flavors. The next dish was NIKKEI with simple ingredients like tuna, avocado and Nikkei soya sauce, brilliant combination of many flavors.

The foodie ride continued with QUINOA ROLL red snapper, avocado rolled in quinoa with rocoto sauce. The another one was EMPANADAS DE CARNE, with beef, aji panca, chimichurri sauce, I didn’t try it since it was beef, but others review was positive. ANTICUCHOS, tender chicken skewers with delicious traditional Peruvian marination.

Main course had many variety and we were served delectable SACO DE CORDERO, succulent lamb cooked for 6 hours with aji panca, chifle Peruvian squash. Then flavourful ARROZ CON PATO duck, aji panca, rice, coriander and dark beer. Then my most favorite QUINOTTO, quinoa, Portobello mushroom cooked in white wine.

The dessert section had two very flavourful desserts like CLASICO PERUANO, beautifully presented and had purple corn sorbet with classic rice pudding and fig crumble, different and delectable. The other one is one of my favorite TRES LECHES with sponge cake, whipping cream and evaporated and condensed milk, beautiful, tasteful, delicious.

Final Verdict – to shrink my overall experience in few words it was delightful and memorable. While unfolding Peruvian cuisine I understood many different tastes and enjoyed all of them. What a treat, from ambiance to food, I loved everything here. Cocktails made with perfection and each and every ingredient was different and tasted great.

Totora Cebicheria Peruana Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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