Loaded Chocolate Milkshake

This three ingredients milkshake is perfect for any occasion. I prefer adding extra ice cream to make it thick and creamy, top it with some liquid chocolate and done.

IMG_4025This can be made with skimmed milk and low fat ice cream. Still i would prefer it with full fat ice cream and normal milk. Here is the recipe

Serves –  Portions

Ingredients IMG_4016

Milk – 1 and half cup

Vanilla Ice Cream – 2 to 3 Scoops

Chocolate Syrup – 3 to 4 Tablespoons

Whipping Cream – For Garnish

Chocolate Syrup – For


Blend milk, ice cream and chocolate syrup in a blender, pour it in the serving glass. Top with whipping cream, crushed and chocolate syrup, you can also garnish with some chocolate shaving. Serve.



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