Pomegranate Beetroot Detox Drink

Pomegranate is a very beneficial and nutritious fruit. It is very good for skin and helps in heart disease too, also it helps to control blood sugar.

So when you have so many magical benefits in one fruit, why not use it in making a detox drink out of it, and with beetroot, it is just superb in the beneficiary level.

Serves – 2 Portions


Pomegranate – 1 (Large)

Beetroot – 1 (Medium)

Carrot – 1 (Medium)

Ginger – 1 Inch


Remove pomegranate seeds and chop beetroot and carrot, add all of it in a blender along with ginger, blend till smooth consistency, add water if required.

Strain this mix, transfer this into a serving glass, serve.

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