Orange Strawberry Punch

This may be a very classic drink, but i just cant get over this. I made it recently at home and it was a super hit in this scorching summer, quick and easy.

IMG_3500Just squeeze some orange juice, muddle some strawberries and it is done. To blend the sourness of fruit juice, i add sugar, you can skip that to make it more healthy.

Serves – 2 Portions


Fresh Orange Juice – 1 Glass

Fresh Strawberries – 100 Grams

Sugar – 4 Tablespoons

Sparkling Water – 1 Glass

Fresh Orange – 1


In a large jug add orange juice, crush some strawberries and slice some strawberries, add in jug, add sugar, mix well, slice fresh orange add in to jug.

While serving  add half of this juice in a glass, now fill half glass with sparkling water, add some sliced strawberries and orange, add ice cubes, serve.


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