5 Best Homemade Body Scrubs for smooth skin

We all know how important it is to take good care of our skin, not only face but whole body needs special and regular pamper and care. Using body scrub is really good for skin, it exfoliate the skin and let it breath. Homemade scrub it is out of all those harmful chemicals and has many benefits.

Making body scrub at home is very easy and fun. You can do lots of experiments as need and type of your skin when you are making at home. I have listed my most favorite homemade body scrubs, you can easily try your hands on, with ingredients lying in your kitchen, so here is the list


Coffee Granules- 1 Cup

Sugar – Half Cup

Olive Oil – 3- 4 Tablespoon

Mix all above ingredients, adjust the olive oil to make it dry yet moist mix. Scrub with your palm all over your body and wash off. You will love your skin now.

Only three ingredients but every ingredient has it own benefit, coffee granules smells heavenly and it also naturally exfoliate the skin. Sugar exfoliate the skin and olive oil naturally moisturize skin.


Sugar – 1 Cup

Honey – 3 Tablespoons

Lemon Zest – 1 Tablespoon

Mix all above ingredients, adjust the honey and lemon zest quantity as per need. Scrub with your palm all over your body and wash off, you will feel the extra soft skin.

Honey is a natural moisturizer, it makes skin soft and bouncy. Lemon zest helps cleaning the skin naturally and it smells divine, it is perfect for summers.


Sea Salt – 1 Cup

Fresh Mint – Handful

Cucumber –  1

Almond Oil – 1 Tablespoon

Blend cucumber and mint in blender, mix with sea salt, add almond oil. Scrub with your palm all over your body and wash off. Your skin will thank you for this.

Cucumber and mint works as natural cleanser for skin. Almond oil moisturizes skin and leaves it soft and beautiful.


Oats – 1 Cup

Sugar – Half Cup

Honey – 2 Tablespoons

Olive Oil – 1 Tablespoon

Mix oats and sugar in a bowl, now add honey and olive oil as per consistency you want. It should be little dry.

Oatmeal work as natural gentle scrub, you can avoid sugar if your skin is sensitive. Honey makes skin soft naturally and olive oil moisturizes skin.


Sugar – 1 Cup

Honey – 4 to 5 Tablespoons

Cinnamon Powder – 2 Tablespoons

Mix all above ingredients in a bowl, adjust honey as per quantity you need.  Scrub with your palm all over your body and wash off. The smell is divine when done.

Cinnamon has natural cleansing quality, as well as it smell heavenly. Sugar works as natural scrubber, while honey make your skin soft .


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