14 Essential Things In A Woman’s Purse

Whats in my bag?
Earlier I use to carry a big hand bag, and in that i use to carry so may unnecessary items, then i switched to small sling bag recently and my stuff in bag also got very less. By using small bag I understood that I have to get rid of all those unnecessary item lying inside it. It can be different by every individual need, but i have listed top essentials in hand bag
1. Stylish Scarf – If you are living in hot cities like me, you can opt for nice, stylish cotton scarf to protect yourself from harsh sunlight, also if looks really stylish with those cute tees and jeans outfits.
2. Hand sanitize – This is must have in every girls hand bag, don’t spread germs, may be after sneezing or after using ATM, you need this as a must have essential item in your hand bag.
3. Safety Pins – ladies, this is a item you must and must carry with you always, i learnt this after many of very embarrassing incidences. From a broken shirt button to broken necklace, its a saver
4. Compact – Very essential, in just one swipe you are good to go to any emergency events. Try and buy the matte effect compact to get fresh look any time.
5. Lip gloss or Lip stick – You never know when your lipstick is fading and you need to retouch it, when reapplied it gives a very fresh and new look to your makeup.
6. Healthy snack – I do remember one day i was out for some government work, standing in Que and what not ruined my day as there was nothing nearby, now i carry handful of roasted nut or snack bar for those emergency cases.
7. Breath Freshener – I don’t really need to tell you why you need this in your purse, a tiny pack of breath freshener tablets is a must have, because after coffee bed smell is a turn off.
8. Sanitary pads or tampon – What will you do in those emergency cases? with many of my experience, this is a must in any lady purse, put it right now.
9. Moisturizer – let it be hot whether or cold outside, sometimes there are dry patches on your face. A small bottle of moisturizer is must have in every girls purse.
10. Perfume or mini deodorant – In market there are many compact and mini bottles of perfume and deodorant available, pick one and put in your purse, no one likes bad smell.
11. USB – Always carry your personal documents in a pen drive for your own reference or for any emergency purpose, specailly when you are travelling to other country.
12. Oil absorbent papers or tissue papers – Very essential in every woman purse, oil absorbent papers give you that fresh look before entering any meeting or party.
13. Band aid – if you wear heels, or new shoes, only a band aid is a saver. not only that but if you got cut accidentally (or even nail skin is coming out), its a true saver.
14. Hair items – bobby pins, hair band is something you should always carry with you, specially when you have long or unmanageable hair.

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