Mini Cream Cheese Marshmallow Bites

This dessert is perfect for parties, can be served in small bites for dessert. I got this recipe from a cookery show, i tried making at home recently and it turned out so delicious



This is very easy to make and quick dessert bites, which you can also make when sudden party is announced at home. Surely every one love these mini bites, lets start


Non salty Crackers (or Graham Crackers) –  1 Packet

Whipped Cream – 150 Grams

Cream Cheese – 100 Grams

Condensed Milk – 50 Grams

Blueberry Compote – 50 Grams

Marshmallow – As many as crackers

Mint leaves – For Garnish


First in a bowl mix cream cheese, condensed milk and blueberry compote with an egg whisker, now add whipped cream, do not whisk, fold whipped cream in to mixture slowly.

Now fill this mixture in to a piping bag and put on top of crackers as much quantity you want. Now roast marshmallow in normal gas flame keep roasted marshmallow on cream cheese, garnish with mint leave, serve immediately.


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