Moshi – Oud Metha, Dubai

Just by hearing the name my interest level gone up to try this place out. Very recently I started developing taste for sushi and I understood that it’s a very delicious thing to have, and when you have a myth that it is made with only raw fish, its wrong. Sushi can have many variations and can be made in different flavors. Moshi serves different new flavors of sushi and momo

I was invited for the new summer menu tasting, along with other fellow foodies, and I was just amazed with the new menu additions. They have selected very unique flavors all together and wrapped in sushi, and all of it turned out really very well, I must say. The ambiance of the restaurant is very simple and you can see the kitchen counter. Menu is designed nicely

STRAWBERRY MOJITO refreshing and perfect for summers, I loved this drink. They served it in beautiful bulb shape glass. Mint leaves gave this drink a addition in taste, loved every sip of it

LOTUS MILKSHAKE everywhere foodies talking about this new addition in the menu, my current favorite is lotus milkshake. They tried to keep the taste simple yet it tasted delicious, loved it

SRIRACHA EDAMAME I tried edamame for the first time here and I simply loved it, the sriracha sauce on top of it gave spicy touch to the edamame, it a good dish to start with, simple yet delicious

DHOKLA MAKI simply delicious, and what an addition. They rolled dhokla pieces in sushi rice and topped it with some spiced mayo, this is perfect for any vegetarian, and you will love this fusion

FLAMING CHICKEN CHEETOS when I am extremely hungry and nothing to eat a pack of Cheetos is great to get out of hunger, no I can never imagine Cheetos rolled in sushi rice, try it to believe it

EDAMAME & MUSHROOM MOMO we got few bites to try the taste. I loved the simplicity of the momo, the filling of edamame and mushroom was simple and generous, perfect for vegetarians

CHICKEN CHIPS OMAN so they have all unusual flavors to try. I loved this flavor, chicken with crispy Oman chips filling rolled in the sushi rice. Its simple yet delicious sushi, do try it to know

SUSHI BURGER sounds like a great fusion; I was very excited to try this burger when I saw this in the menu. Burger was made with sushi rice and fried chicken was filled between, delicious

Final Verdict – the above dishes were really tasty and delicious, I went back home with all fusion taste tingling my taste buds. I loved the twists to the dishes and it worked really very well. I liked the mayo addition in the sushi for the better taste. This twist is made with all the perfection and everyone will love it. Go try and explore the summer menu and enjoy.

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