Weslodge Saloon – JW Marquis, Dubai

IMG_3087So this is a new restaurant in town all the way from Canada, with Canadian touch. It is located in JW Marquis Hotel on 68th Floor. When I got invite for the restaurant I didn’t really get time to go through the menu and the restaurant theme or cuisine specialty, but when I entered this place with high expectations, I knew this place is going to serve something special and different as surprise

As I have mentioned about the location that it is located in JW Marquise Hotel on 68th floor, so the view from top is just so mesmerizing. The restaurant has classic ambiance and a very special yellow door in the entrance and when you enter you have very sophisticated décor to enjoy. They have huge glass windows to enjoy the view from top, service is prompt and menu seems to be very interesting & unique

SCALLOP CEVICHE since it was a tasting session they had a set menu for us. Scallop was the most favorite of the evening and everyone enjoyed this. This was more of like cold salad preparation; soft juicy rock shrimp were mixed with jalapeno vinaigrette along with cucumber and avocado. The scallop soaked the vinaigrette so well, that you get that tangy flavor in every bite, loved it, and must have

LOBSTER POUTINE this is a treat for lobster lover, a very unique a superb dish and perfect as starter. At first I thought its fresh fries with some sauce on top, but actually you will find soft, tender and delicious lobster pieces in between along with house French fries and tarragon and hollandaise sauce drizzled on top. I simply loved the amount of sauce they put on. Also everything on plate tasted so good together

CRISP QUAIL EGG so I am not that quail egg lover, but the presentation of this crisp version was so beautiful. The quail egg was coated with merguez which is made with lamb fat and some spices and deep fried and presented on the bed of truffle red onion jam. The jam was too sweet for my liking but the eggs were done nicely. The crispy part and the meat inside was cooked really well, good one

AHI TUNA CEVICHE this dish comes under raw preparation of the menu, tune fish was presented in a very delicious way. Tuna fish cubes were mixed with avocado, celery were mixed with yuzu hot sauce, the sauce gave perfect seasoning to the dish, the presentation was so beautiful and not only that but they serve it with sesame crackers. Crackers tasted delicious as they were going really well with the dish.

SOUTHERN FRIED CHICKEN so while other beef lovers were busy with their T – BONE USDA PRIME steak, I got something for me to be busy with chicken pieces were fried and drizzled with tabasco honey, for me the chicken was bit sweet because of honey, but if you like this sauce, this dish is must to try they also served ONION RINGS along which was done well too along with melt vinegar and chives on top.

SALTED CARAMEL AND DARK CHOCOLATE attention all dark chocolate lovers, this dessert is made with all the perfection for you! The combination of dark chocolate and salted caramel was so different. Dark chocolate pie was topped on salted caramel crust. The balance of sweetness is just so perfect because of dark chocolate and in your bite you get salted caramel along. For true chocolate lover, it’s just perfect

SMORES WITH GRAHAM CRACKERS AND CHOCOLATE SAUCE this heavenly dessert is a latest addition in the dessert menu. From presentation to taste this dessert stand out so well. The graham cracker thin squares filled and layered with s’mores, very rich chocolate sauce is topped on the crackers, the platter looks divine, and every bite is blissful as the s’mores and chocolate tastes so good together, yummy

COCONUT CREAM PIE this dessert again is a new addition to the dessert menu. This is my favorite of all. After such heavy dinner you need a light and refreshing dessert to complete your meal, and this was just perfect. Very light velvety cream with the hint of lime made this dish perfect; I loved how beautifully they gave lime flavor to the cream along with coconut, a smart fusion. Must have for sweet lovers

Final Verdict – this Canadian restaurant totally stole my heart. From drinks to food everything has a unique flavor to it. The best part is the ambiance; this is a perfect place for date or to celebrate some special occasions with your loved ones along with beautiful view from top. The yellow door is something will always stand as remark, every dish has its own taste, and you have to visit to explore the place.

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