Sunshine Berry Smoothie

I am starting my kitchen recipe journey with very healthy and recent popular of all with SUNSHINE BERRY SMOOTHIE. This can be your nutritious dose to kick start your day


The best part about healthy smoothie is that you can do lot of variation in it according to your taste and preference. If you need more of green ingredients you can add baby spinach, grapes, kale or celery.

And if you want more of colorful and delicious version smoothie then all the fruits from the supermarket can be your best friends. I will post more of my favorites in near future.

So let’s start with my and my husband’s all-time favorite SUNSHINE BERRY SMOOTHIE


Raspberries – One handful

Strawberries – One handful

Banana (Optional) – 1 No

Milk – One cup

Yogurt – 4 tablespoon

Honey – 2 tablespoon

Chia Seeds (Optional) – 2 Tablespoon


Put all the above ingredients in a mixer jar and churn till smooth.

Serve with in a glass and top with some berries and chia seeds for garnish.

Your blissful smoothie is ready.


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