Farzi café – City Walk, Dubai

IMG_3083Farzi means something Fake or unreal. I am simply Farzified. Every foodie is talking about this restaurant. So why is this talk of the town? Very recently farzi cafe opened its new branch in Dubai, city walk, Al Safa.

This is a place where Indian culinary art meets modern presentation. They serve modernized food, why I am calling it modernize because every dish has a twist in presentation. Food is very Indian but they have very global touch to every dish.

let me talk to you about the ambiance first, its cozy hence modern and very much looks like any English cafe with those wooden furniture with yellow light falling all over. Menu is very interesting though as the name has little twist to it along with taste. You will find much variety for yourself

So I was greeted with YOGURT SHOT WITH BERRY served in a dry ice bowl, it just pops into your mouth.

We started with CHAI SODA, fresh berries muddled along with spiced, berries sooth your throat and in last, spices tickle your taste buds. This is something you should never miss, a very unique preparation with a very unique name, and also a must have

In drinks we had COLD IRISH COFFEE beautifully presented with fume and had vanilla foam on top, perfect to start meal.

We were over whelmed so many starters TEMPURA PRAWN tempura fried prawn were served with foam on top, they explained us the preparation of foam too, and it was going really so good with the tangy prawn.

Another starter was RAJ KACHORI WITH CRISPY OKRA, for all the chaat lovers, this is a must have. They presented it beautifully with tamarind foam on top. The okra was crispy and going perfect with raj kachori.

Another one was TANDOORI WILD MUSHROOM oh how beautifully it was presented and what a lovely taste, I am not a mushroom lover but I must say it was delight to have this.

Now the main course CHICKEN CHETTINAD WITH MALABAR PARATHA the chettinad gravy was served with very soft and delicious Malabar paratha, I simply loved this combination and I was so indulged into the flavors.

SHAWARMA BIRYANI I found the taste was not that out standing but I would like to mention this dish here for a very unique presentation. It was a skewer of meat in the center of rice lying in the plate. All you have to do is serve yourself in a fun way.

KHAO SUEY this Asian delicacy with become your favorite with the topping they serve along, now that is what I call is unique presentation

JALEBI CAVIAR they crossed the level of presentation when I saw the platter had small portion of jalebi but not in the regular jalebi shape, but in caviar shape along with small portion of rabri and sweet tasted foam. This presentation didn’t affect the taste at all.

SEMOLINA CAKE WITH PISTACHIO ICE CREAM It was a block of semolina cake beautifully presented along with freshly made pistachio ice cream. Semolina cake tasted simple but the combination of pistachio ice cream was a twist with it for sure. It was enhancing the taste so well.

BAKLAVA WITH PEACH AND ICE CREAM this is a very new dessert they have added in the menu, flowered shape baklava with glazed peach and homemade ice cream, the combination of all three was just delectable.

RISOTTO PHIRNI OXIDE hoe beautiful it can be when chef himself come on your table and made this beautiful dessert with some liquid nitrogen and phirni. I was mesmerized visually and taste totally left on my taste buds, simply delicious.

Final Verdict – It is newly open restaurant but the servers and the chef seems to be very professional with their wok. The dishes served have unique style and twist to it, and with that the flavors are not lost too. They serve complimentary yogurt shot to every one which is real treat visually and taste wise both.

All in all a place where every foodie should visit, just to have a surprising experience.

Farzi Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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